At the alfaloc media showroom in Fellbach, near Stuttgart, we showcase our extensive range of services and products.

The showroom serves as an exhibition space for our LightStudio System solutions, where you can get a detailed look at the individual components and see how they work. You will also find a range of FOBA components, Elinchrom flash units, as well as cameras and lighting systems. You therefore get to see the high-quality hardware that we provide for yourself.

The showroom is also an ideal venue for hosting larger workshops or training courses for the various shooting and animation techniques, where the participants get to use the corresponding hardware and software directly.

Last but not least, we host occasional events at our showroom in conjunction with the city of Fellbach and the VDC (Virtual Dimension Center, Fellbach), at which we demonstrate the implementation of 3D visualisation in various forms to companies of all sizes and from all sectors through presentations and practical examples.
Check out our >Event Calendar for details of the content and dates of these events.

How to find us

alfaloc media
Dieselstr. 1A
70736 Fellbach