Studio Concepts

Studio Concepts

alfaloc media develops flexible, cost-optimised studio concepts that are tailored to your specific requirements.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the areas of 3D visualisation, photography and image processing, alfaloc offers multi-vendor expertise in technical equipment, shooting process and software, which we will be happy to share with you. We will work with you to develop the ideal concept, from a basic single camera solution to an automated light table in a software-supported shooting process.

We will also support you with on-site installation and guide you through all of the steps involved in implementing your solution. We can also provide introductory training on the respective technology on-site to get you off to the best possible start in product photography and 3D visualisation.

Planning to set up an internal photographic studio and need help choosing the right equipment? alfaloc media will give you comprehensive advice on the best equipment for your set-up. Because we are vendor-neutral, our focus is solely on your specific requirements and how best they can be met.

We will work with you to develop a requirements profile. This covers the type and size of the objects to be represented, the required output form for your images (2D image creation or 3D visualisation) as well as all of the technical details for further processing of the individual photos. Your premises and budget will, of course, be taken into account as well.

This requirements profile allows us to develop a cost-optimised hardware and software package for you. Not every camera or viewer software is suitable for every type of product visualisation, and the most expensive solution may not necessarily be the best one for you. With the right combination of components and shooting process, you will get high-quality images that you can use in any way you wish.

We will also be happy to assist you with installing and implementing your studio equipment. We can also provide training for your employees on the shooting process and subsequent finalisation of your image data.

Already implemented a studio solution, but find that it is reaching its technical limits with regard to image quality and the processing of your photographs in your existing process? alfaloc media can help you to safeguard your investment and optimise the output quality of your photographs.
We begin with an analysis of your existing shooting process.
Frequent problems include:

♦  Incorrect lighting
♦  Inadequate sharpness, depth of images
♦  Poor brilliance of colour
♦  Poor colour fidelity
♦  Lack of automation
♦  Poor image processing

The most common cause is inadequate functionality of the existing equipment or poorly coordinated interaction between the technical components used. For example, LED-based solutions for product photography (such as Packshot Creator or Orbitvu) frequently require an additional external light source and/or the use of a precisely adjusted camera to achieve a satisfactory result.

alfaloc media also optimises subsequent image processing using semi-automated Photoshop processes. We achieve this by programming individual macros and scripts based on your project-specific requirements. This automation enables us to simplify time-consuming work steps, such as the isolation of photographed objects, and achieve significant time and cost savings.

alfaloc also offers innovative solutions for the use of your optimised images. We can automate the integration of your images in your CMS system or design a complete workflow for everything from a single exposure to a catalogue (online or print).