3D Spherical Panorama

3D Sperical Panorama

A 3D spherical panorama is not a CAD model, but rather a 3D visualisation. It consists of a series of at least 6 to 10 individual photographs, which record a space from various perspectives. The size of the space is irrelevant – it can be anything from a basic office to a large hall or residential unit. The 3D spherical panorama is therefore particularly suited to spatial planning, property sales, architecture and interior design. It is also used in trade fair and event management.

The spherical animation can be realised cost-effectively and in a relatively short space of time using specific viewer software. The method is easy for laypersons to learn and quick to implement.

A common application is the creation of virtual tours and their publication on the web, giving users a detailed look at a space from any location. The viewer can change the perspective in the tour to look at the space from different viewing angles and inspect details up close using the zoom function. Depending on the application, additional animations and objects can be positioned within the 3D spherical panorama, which the viewer can activate or zoom in on by clicking on them with the mouse. The possibilities are numerous and allow spaces to be visualised in a very vivid and lifelike way.

If you wish to use this form of visualisation in your company, we will be happy to help you choose the hardware and viewer and can provide your employees with training on taking the individual photos and then generating the 3D spherical panorama.