3D Animation

3D Animation

3D animation is the most cost-effective form of visualisation for making an object tangible. It is used to create three different types of view: 360°, hemispherical and spherical. It is ideally suited to product visualisation, as it covers all product types and provides the viewer with a quick and easy means of inspecting any object.

The object can be rotated freely at a click of the mouse, while the zoom function makes it possible to focus on even the tiniest of details. From a technical perspective, this 360° view is based on conventional photographs. Individual photographs are converted into an animation of the object using viewer software. A range of viewers available on the market support product visualisation online as well as offline, for example for trade fairs, exhibitions and training purposes, as well as for internal company use (Intranet).

All viewers support the commonly used web format HTML5, which can be used for all specified applications. This ease of handling makes it possible to establish a comprehensive product database within your company quickly and cost-effectively. In addition to dedicated object representation, 3D animation also supports the expansion of individual product visualisations to include hotspots, which can be used to link accompanying documentation containing additional product information directly to the visualisation. For example, PDF documents can be opened directly from the animation and displayed in a separate window by clicking with the mouse.

Thanks to its flexible application options, 3D animation is suitable for numerous target groups. Our customers come from areas ranging from industry and retail to museums and security authorities.

Not every form of animation is suitable for every application. We therefore work with you to determine your specific needs and then develop a 3D animation that is tailored to your requirements. alfaloc media will help to choose the necessary hardware for your product photography as well as suitable viewer software for your visualisation platform, and will support you through all stages of the implementation process.

We can also provide comprehensive training on using the equipment and software, so that you can quickly learn how to produce 3D animations yourself, even if you don't have any previous experience.