The biggest challenge in product photography is getting the right equipment. First you have to find the right combination of camera and lens, as not every camera is suitable for product photography. The right camera must meet very specific requirements in order to achieve the optimum image quality.

The use of a high-quality stand is also important. It guarantees excellent stability and eliminates the possibility of camera vibration during shooting, which can affect the sharpness of the images.

And last but not least, there is the lighting. The latest packshot solutions generally use LED lighting, which can result in poor colour fidelity and definition on account of the low output and inadequate coverage. At alfaloc media, we therefore use conventional flash photography to achieve impressive results that will show your products in the best possible light. Although flash photography is more difficult to master, our many years of experience have enabled us to simplify and automate the shooting process to make it more practicable, efficient and cost-effective to implement, even for inexperienced users.

Are you responsible for the production of packshots in your company and looking for support for implementation?

♦  We will conduct a free analysis of your requirements on-site and create a concept tailored to your set-up
♦  We will optimise existing solutions and make your image creation process efficient and cost-effective
♦  We can provide training on the packshot shooting process for industrial, commercial and retail customers